The mythos of any community is the bearer of something which exceeds its own frontiers; it is the bearer of other possible worlds…It is in this horizon of the ‘possible’ that we discover the universal dimensions of symbolic and poetic language.
- Paul Ricoeur


About this website

This website traces the evolution of my Ph.D. on apocalyptic narratives.

You can read the original proposal here but like most Ph.D.'s it has evolved a fair bit since the early days of that proposal.

This site is the living, evolving doumentation of my thought.

It is presented publicly and in hypertext form as an expression of my hopes for the evolving form of the public/academic commons and my belief in the power of networked nodes of knowledge.

As such I welcome comment and feedback. Join in the conversation: email me.  

About Me

I'm an academic and journalist, currently a lecturer in journalism in the School of Creative Writing and Journalism at the University of Wollongong

I was editor of Sydney Star Observer, Australia's oldest and largest circulation gay and lesbian weekly newspaper from 1999 until early 2006. Prior to that I worked primarily in magazines doing a range of arts journalism.

I've written widely about art and architecture, gay/lesbian issues, religion, music, film and journalism.

I'm doing my Ph.D at the University of Technology Sydney, where I previously taught part-time in the journalism program.

My main research interests are:

  • mythical constructs used in news and feature reporting;
  • the links between journalism and popular culture;
  • apocalyptic narratives in journalism and film in a post September 11 world;
  • blogging, hypertext and online media.

 For more on my teaching and research visit marcusodonnell.com

My CV (pdf)  

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