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Apocalypse, Ideology, America: Science Fiction and the Myth of the Post-Apocalyptic Everyday....As a child, lying in bed at night, I would hear airplanes pass overhead and imagine that they were carrying The Bomb, which was achieving less popularity in my generation (X) than in our generational antecedents; I dreamt of nuclear war, a total war that could only exist in the imagination.




Bad Subjects 15

September 1994: The apocalyptic mood is quite real, and needs to be accounted for. A terrific varried collection.

Rizomes 8

Another good collection of articles that circel the apocalyptic.


A great site from the PBS series on the "evolution of apocalyptic belief and how it shaped the western world".

A brief history of the apocalypse

A nice piece of research about failed dates and the apocalypse







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