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Seeking the Roots of Terrorism: An Islamic Traditional Perspective...This article analyzes the associational relationship between Islam and terrorism as embedded in the current popular culture. From a historical and political perspective are current organizations that are terror threats a natural outgrowth of the Islamic tradition? Has the Muslim popular tradition historically interpreted some Qur'anic terms such as Jihad and Kuffar "allegedly infidels" to promote hate and violence against non-Muslims?

Religion in the media age...Religion and the media are today linked in powerful and profound ways. The sex-abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, the consecration of a gay bishop in an Episcopal diocese, the Ten Commandments monument in the Alabama Supreme Court building, and struggles over the constitutionality of" faith-based initiatives" are only the latest ways that religion has emerged into public debate.

Intelligent Design, World Religion Style...Intelligent Design is big news right now, and the media has made much of this latest broadside in the raging culture war between "the scientists" and "the Christians." So it’s a pleasure to read coverage that attempts to bring other spiritual perspectives to the table.




Resources: Reporting Religion

Religion Newswriters Foundation

The mission of the Religion Newswriters Foundation is to strengthen and encourage religion reporting as a means of improving public understanding of religion, by providing journalists in the secular media access to useful resources, examples of best practices and opportunities for increased communication with one another. Their website is jam packed with links and resources.

The Revealer

A site that monitors religion reporting and provides regular updates and analysis, published by the Journalism Department and the Center for Religion and Media at New York University.

ABC Religion Report

A weekly program with great transcript archives: you will find background on everything from Islamic fundamentalism through to the churches and homosexuality.

The Center for Faith and Media

A Canadian non-partisan non-profit group set up to promote better religion reporting.

Resource Center for Media, Religion and Culture

A site from the University of Colorado's Center for Mass Media Research. An interdisciplinary research team focused on the intersection of religious and media-related practices in the everyday lives of contemporary adults and their families.

Religion and Violence: A Bibliography

A social sciences bibliography compiled by Charles K. Bellinger. He writes: The literature on religion and violence was already substantial before the Sept. 11 attacks, and it has swelled at an increased pace since then. I have not seen abundant evidence, however, that the serious reflections on violence expressed in these books has made a noticeable impact on the shape of higher education, on news media reporting, or on the thinking of government officials around the world.

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