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Apocalypse, Ideology, America: Science Fiction and the Myth of the Post-Apocalyptic Everyday....As a child, lying in bed at night, I would hear airplanes pass overhead and imagine that they were carrying The Bomb, which was achieving less popularity in my generation (X) than in our generational antecedents; I dreamt of nuclear war, a total war that could only exist in the imagination.

Towards professional participatory storytelling in journalism and advertising...The Internet has had a major impact on all levels of (information) societies throughout the world. For media professionals whose work has primarily been defined as creative storytelling — whether in advertising, journalism, the central question seems to be to what extent storytelling can be content– or connectivity–based, and what level of participation can or should be included in the narrative experience.

Journalism as myth...Jack Lule examines the difference between news as "information" and news as "story" with characters, plot and theme. For Lule, myth does not mean untrue tales, but rather great stories emphasizing "archetypal figures and forms" and "exemplary models" that play crucial social roles

War on Terror Catchphrases...Linguistics professor George Lakoff dissects the "war on terror" and other conservative catchphrases

The Rhetoric of Bush’s "War" on Evil...The president’s rhetorical strategy for constituting a moral majority was obvious to everyone. Newsweek’s lead article in its April 26, 2004 edition, for instance, was entitled "The Gospel According to George," the point of which was that Bush’s faith would "guide him – in Iraq and at the polls."

Copyleft...and other key concepts in the creative commons movement.


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